CompTIA Network+

A career in IT infrastructure that includes network management, configuration, and troubleshooting can be developed with the aid of CompTIA Network+


Locating, using, and connecting hardware elements and devices and having a thorough understanding of the various gadgets presently required to serve the remote workforce.

The technical expertise required to safely construct, maintain, and troubleshoot the vital networks that organizations depend on is validated by CompTIA Network+. The CompTIA Network+ equips candidates to maintain networks on any platform, in contrast to other vendor-specific networking certifications. The only diploma that addresses the specific competencies required of network workers is CompTIA Network+. Since they are so broad, other certificates lack the detailed knowledge and practical abilities needed in today’s networking situations. CompTIA Network+ offers flexible training alternatives like self-paced study, live online training, custom training, and labs to promote the network administration careers of IT professionals.

What Competencies Will You Gain?

Networking Foundations

Describe fundamental networking ideas like cloud connectivity, topologies and architecture, physical connections, and network services.

Network Implementations

For Deploy Ethernet solutions, configure wireless technologies, and describe routing and networking technologies.

Network Maintenance

To maintain company continuity, networks should be monitored and optimized.

Network Security

To fortify networks against threats, explain security concepts and network attacks.

Network Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Investigate typical cable, connection, and software networking problems.

Maximize the value of your qualification

Information technology presents new opportunities and problems in a dynamic industry. Participating in our Continuing Education program allows you to stay up to date with new and developing technologies and maintain your status as a highly sought-after IT and security expert.

Program for CompTIA Continuing Education

From the date of your exam, your CompTIA Network+ certification is valid for three years. Through training and activities that are related to the certification’s subject matter, the CE programme enables you to renew your certification in three-year intervals. The ISO/ANSI accreditation status of CompTIA Network+ ce is also internationally recognised, much like Network+ itself.


This CompTIA Network+ exam covers the management of wireless and wired networks, mobility, virtualization, security, protocols, standards, and troubleshooting techniques to prepare you for the CompTIA Exam N10-007. To put you up for success, you will also get a study guide, laboratories,  questions, and a CompTIA Network+ test voucher. The CompTIA Network+ networking certification, widely recognized and vendor-neutral, attests to the knowledge and abilities required to design, create, maintain, and troubleshoot networks competently.

What You Will Discover

  • The CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) Certification Exam in advance
  •  Introduce a troubleshooting process
  •  Integrate the necessary security measures to guarantee network availability and peak performance.
  •  Establish, maintain, and deploy wired and wireless networking environments.
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the current network arrangements.
  •  Implement network standards, protocols, and security measures.
  •  Investigate network issues
  •  help build virtualized networks


  •  Basic knowledge of networks
  •  There are no particular prerequisites because the exam cover every topic in depth. To be A+ Certified or to have a working knowledge of CompTIA A+ Certification topics is a good idea.


Utilize the CompTIA Continuing Education (CE) program to keep your certification up to date. It’s intended to be both a tool to broaden your skill set and a means of continuing to validate your competence. When you’re prepared to advance in your career, it serves as your secret weapon.