AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

How to pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam

The certified Cloud Practitioner Exam signifies that you have the skills and knowledge required to use AWS effectively. To take this exam, you must first find an authorized provider who offers online prep materials and then enroll in their program. After completing the preparatory coursework, you will be ready to take the examination.

Since AWS boasts over 200+ services (expanding yearly), getting started in the cloud may initially seem intimidating. There is currently a tonne of material about AWS available online exam. 

However, if you’re new to the cloud sector, the amount of content access may be overwhelming, and you may not know if it will improve your engineering skills.

I wrote this AWS Cloud Practitioner exam guide to address that issue. Based on my many years of experience, I’ve selected the best study resources for you in this guide. You may be confident that everything offered here is of the highest caliber as a result.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test should be taken by whom?

This entry-level exam is designed for candidates who want to show a basic understanding of the AWS Cloud.

You do not need to have in-depth knowledge of any particular services. The AWS Solutions Architect exam is more critical.

It would help if you comprehended the following subjects to pass this exam, according to AWS:

  • The underlying global infrastructure of the AWS Cloud
  • Architectural principles for AWS Cloud
  • The value proposition for AWS Cloud
  • Key AWS services and typical use cases for them (for example, highly available web applications or data analysis)
  • The fundamental AWS platform security and compliance procedures, as well as the shared security model
  • Models for AWS pricing, account management, and billing Resources for documentation and technical support
  • The fundamentals of managing and deploying on the AWS Cloud

Source: Certification page for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The crucial point is that you should create a free AWS account before continuing with this program and beginning your learning.

You can  play with this manual’s activities and exam since AWS provides  tier to become comfortable with its services.

How to get ready Overview of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam

The test includes the following:

There are 65 multiple-choice, multiple-answer questions on the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test.

The exam must be completed in 90 minutes.

The price is $100. This test requires a minimum score of 700 points to pass. English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese are all offered as exam languages.

Now that you're ready, you can ace the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test.

You are now ready to take the test! To sum up your efforts with the use of this advice:

  • Or watched in the learning materials section. To become familiar with the AWS console and test some of its features, you opened an AWS account on the free tier.
  • You validated the exam overview, including the blueprint, to determine which domains are being handled.
  • You have reviewed my technical test , emphasizing the essential AWS Services you must be familiar with.
  • I mentioned the learning materials you have read

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam – FAQ

• The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is it difficult?

It’s challenging if you’re new to AWS Cloud or the cloud in general. Before taking any AWS Certified exam, be sure to become familiar with the principles of the cloud.

This exam shouldn’t be challenging if you have a more robust technical background or a deeper comprehension of how cloud ideas operate. This is so because the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam covers the AWS Cloud’s basic architecture. As a result, those with a technological background have an advantage over those without one.

• How much time should the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification test be spent studying?

Studying for this exam for at least 30+ hours is advisable if you are new to AWS Cloud.

The information in this exam study guide aids in laying the groundwork for understanding how to use various AWS services.

• Is it worthwhile to earn the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification?

It is worthwhile, yes. The fact that AWS certifications are a recognized kind of accreditation in this company sector will help you be interviewed for a job application faster as a computer novice with limited expertise. You can establish and integrate the fundamental AWS Cloud concepts and practices into your company’s infrastructure by earning the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification (CLF-C01).

• How can I set up an exam date for the AWS Cloud Practitioner?

Once logged in, go to us. Training and select “Certification” from the top navigation to book the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. You will be routed to Certmetrics from this point, where you can register and schedule the exam either online or in a location close to you.