AWS Certified Developer Associate

How to Prepare for the DVA-C01 Exam for AWS Developer Associate Certification

One of the most popular and “must have” certifications for an IT professional working in the cloud computing industry is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification. One of the three associate-level certifications provided by Amazon-Web Services is the AWS Certified Developer Associate.

Your ability to design, deploy, and debug cloud-based applications using AWS is demonstrated by passing the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam, which also tests your knowledge of core AWS services, their applications, and fundamental AWS architecture best practices.

With the capacity to create and move any application via the cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is utilized extensively throughout the world. Obtaining an AWS certification will open up many chances for you and improve your skills to offer a stable path. Additionally, earning potential is increased by AWS certification. The annual salary for an AWS Certified Developer Associate is approximately Rs. 7,25,000. The AWS Developer Associate certification (DVA- C01) exam, and exam syllabus are briefly described on this page.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Since so many businesses now provide their cloud services, there is fierce competition among them to be the best. One of the best cloud services, Amazon Web Services (AWS), positively affects people and businesses worldwide.

The cloud provides data security through AWS service features, including data encryption and access limits. Additionally, AWS can host dynamic websites that run different web and application servers. It also entails working with mixed abilities.

AWS offers three levels of certification, from Associate to Professional. One of the fundamental AWS certifications is AWS Certified Developer Associate.

The AWS Developer Associate Certification (DVA-C01) exam assesses your knowledge and proficiency in creating, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications using AWS and its fundamental architectural design. The AWS Developer Associate exam will aid candidates in understanding AWS’s primary services and best practices for its architecture.

Exam Overview

Candidates with advanced experience in creating and managing AWS applications should take the Developer Associate test. This certification will test your understanding of creating, deploying, and troubleshooting cloud-based apps.

Exam Details for AWS Certified Developer Associate

Exam Name AWS Certified Developer Associate

Exam Code DVA-C01

Exam Duration 130 minutes

Exam Cost $150 USD

Exam Questions Multiple Choice and Multiple Response Questions

Exam Scoring Scaled score from 100 to 1000

Passing Score 70% – 75%

Exam Language English, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese

Exam Eligibility 

  1. Experience of 1 or more years in developing AWS application.
  2.  Knowledge in one advance level programming language.
  3. Ability to write code for serverless applications

Exam Prerequisites

The prerequisites for an AWS Certified Developer Associate are:

  • It would help if you had more than a year’s practical experience maintaining and creating AWS-based apps.
  • You should know the essential AWS services and at least one advanced-level programming language.
  •  You should be able to use the AWS service APIs, SDKs, and CLI to create apps and develop code for serverless applications.

Exam Structure

The AWS Developer Associate title Exam questions are presented in an MCQ format. Exams are separated into two categories:

  • You must choose the correct answer from one of the four possibilities in this multiple-choice question.
  • Several-choice questions allow for multiple proper responses from the available possibilities.

Exam Scoring

  • Based on the questions, you must choose one or more of the best solutions for the AWS Developer Associate test.
  •  Unanswered questions will receive an erroneous mark.
  • Additionally, there may be exam content that hasn’t been graded or won’t be awarded a grade.

Exam Result

  • The exam grade ranges from 100 to 1000.
  • The passing range for AWS Certified Developer Associate is 70% to 75%.
  • There is no set formula for passing each section; you must achieve the overall passing mark.
  • Each portion of the exam has a different weighting, and the amount of questions assigned to each section varies.
  • The format of the AWS Developer Associate Exam is pass or fail. Additionally, you will receive a letter with the exam results five business days after the exam date.
  • The basic requirements set by AWS professionals are used to determine exam scores by best practices and guidelines.

Exam Retake Policy

A 14-day waiting period is required if you want to retake the AWS Developer Associate certification exam.  Many times as necessary until you earn the certification, you can take the exam. Additionally, you must pay the entire cost for every attempt you make.

Exam Objective: AWS Certified Developer Associate

Using the following structure, candidates taking this exam are validated:

  • Utilises AWS services and has a working knowledge of cloud native apps.
  • Knowledge of updating and debugging code modules on Amazon Web Services.
  • Knowing how to use the key AWS services and following recommended practises for AWS architecture.
  • Using IAM roles, one of the recommended AWS security practises, when writing code.

Registration for Exams

Registration procedures for the AWS Developer Associate Exam –

  •  To access, you must log in
  • Select Certification from the top menu.
  •  Then select Schedule new exam under AWS Certification account.
  •  Select the scheduling option at the Pearson VUI or PSI button after checking the exam you wish to take.